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Bollinger Chess Pieces - Regulation Size and Weight - Felt Bottoms - Eco Friendly Plastic - Designed & Made in BC, Canada

Bollinger Chess Pieces - Regulation Size and Weight - Felt Bottoms - Eco Friendly Plastic - Designed & Made in BC, Canada

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Original and completely unique: the Bollinger Original Chess Pieces were carefully and thoughtfully designed to be faithful to classical Staunton chess sets while bringing each piece to life in a way that's never been done before.

Each piece is instantly recognizable for fast paced competitive play, yet embodies a terrifyingly beautiful character and attitude that cannot be found in those pieces stamped out by large factories. Each piece is lightly-weighted for balance and playability.

They also adhere to the FIDE International Regulations for competitive play in terms of size, shape, weight, and material - allowing you to rake in those rating points.

These pieces are made on-site at Bollinger House using FDM technology and a pair of dedicated hands. Carrying bag included!


MATERIAL: Matte PLA (eco-friendly renewable plastic)

COLOURS: White and Black

EXTRA QUEENS: 1 Extra Queen per side

KING HEIGHT: 104.5mm | 4.11 inches

KING BASE: 42mm | 1.65 inches

KING WEIGHT: ~30 grams | ~1 oz

SQUARES: Suitable for 50mm to 60mm squares | 2 to 2-1/2 inches


Chess Board not included!



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Care Instructions

Easy care.

Wipe with damp cloth as needed.

Keep dry. Keep away from sources of heat and humidity.

Shipping & Duties

These chess pieces ship from Canada.

If shipping accross the border, certain duties may be charged to the recipient upon delivery.

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  • Premium Materials and Techniques

    Hand-selected hardwood with professional attention to detail. Manufactured by hand to work with the wood, not against it. Our chess supplies cannot be made any other way

  • FIDE Compliant

    These pieces complies with FIDE Handbook Section C.02 Article 3 for tournament-quality chess supplies.

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