About Bollinger House

My First Chess Board

I've always wanted to build a chess board. Something fascinated me about it. The pattern.. the precision.. the simplicity.. 

When I was growing up, I quickly gravitated to woodworking when I realized that the most beautiful furniture was actually made by humans. Real humans, like me.

As soon as it started, due to a family member with an awful allergy, it had to stop.

Later in life, someone casually mentioned there was a small community workshop that had opened up, and my ears perked up. I immediately became a member, and I could fully let loose on my desire to build basically everything I could think of. 

This photo was taken a few weeks later. Made with a small block of African Padauk, and some of the shop's maple, I finally produced my first chess board. It was way too thin from having to plane it flat so many times. And it's not even flat. 

Since then, I've come close to perfecting the craft. I kept making more and more chess boards. It started as one for each of my chess friends, then a couple for some family members. Now, many years later, I've explored nearly every corner of chess board making lore, and I'm proud to offer my experience to you.

Let's design something cool together! I can't wait to make it.


Fabio Bollinger